Monday, March 27, 2017 20:19
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new_releases What Happened To The Forum? Announcement

tl;dr - wiped, all content, accounts and files were destroyed. Please re-register.

Few days ago Sapphire called me to tell me that the website is down.

So I gave it a look and "down" is not the precise definiton.

The machine was frozen, couldn't connect to it and it didn't respond to pings.

If all those failed, the next station is the machine console panel on the hosting company website.

As far as the hosting website could tell me - the machine is up and running.

Those kind of stuff can happen, especially in a VPS so I've decided to press the restart button.

The next thing it showed was, "Restarting..." and so it did.. for 30h+.

After a long conversation which the most of it was yelling, it ended with the following email:

A "Critical Failure". It took me a hour to count the damage was done and another 40 hours to recover what I could.

At last, I've finished setting up the website and forum and took the chance to order a VPS with higher specs.

I can assure one thing, it won't happen again.

Currently we have 2 machines, one for the website and one for the game.

We've purchased a FTP Server (Cloud storage) that is unrelated to the companies we use today to store hourly backups.

So the worst case scenario that might happen is if Europe will be nuked, we'll purchase new servers in an other continent and restore backups of 1 hour rollback top.

We are sorry for the pain and are happy that everything is back to normal,

EDIT: Also, profile pictures on the website are dead.

Thanks for playing,

Sapphire Team

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Sunday, March 19, 2017 16:20
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label Patch Notes + Update

Hello Everyone!

Here we go, our patch notes for today:

  • Accuracy and M.accuracy buff value increased! (Pets - EGM and Pet Buffer)
  • Fixed titans drop rate
  • Added an option to exchange 50B JP to 40k GP
  • Added an option to exchange 50B JP to 4k AP
  • Skill cards enhancement goes to + 15
  • Heaven blessing - removed!(EGM and Pet Buffer)
  • Pets will get the star protection buff as well once you teleport
  • Added 2 buffs to the EGM, if you're higher than 180 you and your pet will get giant growth and MP boost
  • Christmas decorative items - removed
  • Drop Event - removed
  • Monarch's Body Awakening and Monarch's Spirit Awakening duration improved to 30 minutes
  • Artifacts level changed to 169

Sapphire Team

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Wednesday, February 08, 2017 22:36
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label Patch Notes Update

A few days ago, I had a small talk with a player and I said I make some changes so here we go!

  • Blessed Power Of Change: Armor - open MC skills only(just like before)
  • Drop event improved to what you guys asked for
  • Login Event has been changed to be 2h wait instead of 4h
  • Pets stages ratio(login event) changed, higher change to get higher stage
  • Titans area has been changed, no more "wall bug"!
  • Xmas deco added to Horizon!
  • Added Xmas Drop Event - at special place for snowmen!
    Event Info:
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Wednesday, February 08, 2017 22:36
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label Patch Notes Update

Hello everyone!

A while ago, you guys mentioned that you need motivation to get to 180, so we created new weapons set for you!


  • Harpy's bow and Salamander's axe don't have their glow yet
  • Patch- + Patch- = bugs fixed

Level 180 weapons are presented:

2 Handed Sword: Betrayal's Sword

Spoiler: show

Spear: DT's Spear

Spoiler: show

2 Handed Axe: Hector's Axe

Spoiler: show

2 Handed Mace: SLK's Mace

Spoiler: show

Long Bow: Harpy's Bow

Spoiler: show

Cross Bow: Ultimate Crossbow

Spoiler: show

2 Handed Staff: Whis's Staff

Spoiler: show

1 Handed Sword: Baron Madius Sword

Spoiler: show

Dagger: Genie's Dagger

Spoiler: show

1 Handed Mace: Orc's Mace

Spoiler: show

1 Handed Staff(wand): Witch's Wand

Spoiler: show

1 Handed Axe: Salamander's Axe

Spoiler: show

Shield: Gnoll's Shield

Spoiler: show

Magewall: Naga's Magewall

Spoiler: show

Q: How to get them?

A: New option added to our Event Organizer:

Spoiler: show

Q: Does it cost anything?

A: Of course!, 50 Goddess's Golden Boxes

Spoiler: show

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Wednesday, February 08, 2017 22:35
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